Lion invests in the innovation and marketing that helps drive demand for your milk and sustains the dairy supply chain for the benefit of the whole industry.

Our Goodness Promise

Lion is investing in the health of the dairy category through its Goodness Promise. The Goodness Promise celebrates the existing goodness of our products and illustrates our commitment to a range of public health targets.

These targets seek to further improve the nutritional value of Lion products, address portion size and improve consumers’ nutritional literacy. Achieving our Goodness Promise targets by 2019 will remove about four tonnes of sodium, 1400 tonnes of sugar and 500 tonnes of fat from the national food supply annually[1]. We will also remove all artificial colours, flavours and added fructose from our children’s products.

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[1] Base-line annual sales volumes, excluding everyday cheese.

Milk Loves You Back With 8 Nutrients Milk Loves You Back

Lion has also launched a dairy advocacy campaign encouraging Australians to increase their dairy consumption. With nine out of 10 Australians not consuming the recommended serves of dairy each day[1], there is an opportunity to improve the health of Australians by bringing them closer to their daily dairy target.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Health Survey: Consumption of Food Groups from the Australian Dietary Guidelines, 2011-12.

What is a serve of dairy? Dairy Milk is a Nutrient Powerhouse Did you know?

The ‘Milk Loves You Back’ campaign focuses on milk’s intrinsic goodness as an original superfood, naturally containing eight essential nutrients. The campaign logo serves as a reminder to consumers that milk is a valuable and positive part of their – and their family’s – everyday diet and will be applied to Lion dairy products that naturally contain the eight essential nutrients.

Australia’s Largest Hunger Relief Organisation Food Bank

Lion is a proud long-term supporter of Foodbank, Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation. Foodbank’s Milk Program is an industry-wide initiative that has provided more than eight million litres of fresh milk to vulnerable Australians experiencing food insecurity in the past six years.

Lion is responsible for supplying milk to the program in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

Foodbank’s research shows that people struggling to put food on the table often opt out of dairy product purchases, so regular milk donations provide a consistent source of calcium to Australians in need.

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