The Lion Dairy Pride Program

Lion is committed to ensuring farm sustainability now and in the future, and that’s why in late 2016 we introduced a new dairy farm sustainability initiative called the Lion Dairy Pride Program.

The Lion Dairy Pride Program offers our suppliers a unique way to measure, evaluate and improve key areas of sustainability on their farm. The program includes a website with tools and resources, and an easy to use online self-assessment tool - which looks at all areas of a dairy business including quality, animal welfare, environment management, farm safety, labour management, personal wellbeing and effective business management.

The program enables suppliers to build action plans to improve on areas requiring higher sustainability practices.

Suppliers must commit to actively participating in the Lion Dairy Pride Program which includes participating in tailored training workshops to help farmers in key areas. The program can be accessed via the website. The Lion Farm Services team is also on hand to assist you with the online self-assessment tool.

At Lion we are committed to building stronger, genuine partnerships with our dairy farmers, and the Lion Dairy Pride Program will help us to deliver on this commitment.

The Lion Dairy Pride Program comprises four major platforms:

Lion Dairy Pride Online Self Assessment

The Lion Dairy Pride Online Self-Assessment looks at all areas of a dairy business including milk quality, animal welfare, environment management, farm safety, labour management, and effective business management. Farmers are asked to answer a series of questions within each module to help identify the areas they are tracking well in, and also the areas for improvement.

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Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants

Lion has partnered with Landcare to offer our farmers Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants, that support farmers in growing productivity and profitability while improving the sustainability of their farms.

The Program provides our farmers with the tools and resources to address some of the ongoing environmental challenges in the dairy industry.  To date, 52 farmers have each received grants of up to $10,000 under the Program, which has three key areas of focus:


Improving nutrient

Reducing energy

Lion Dairy Pride By-Products Program

Lion offers its dairy farmers across Australia the opportunity to access discounted brewers’ grain and citrus pulp as stock-feed. Access to these commodities is a benefit uniquely offered by Lion, thanks to our major brewing and juicing businesses in Australia.

  • As part of a balanced diet Brewers’ grain can help to increase milk output, enhance fat and protein composition, and improve farm productivity – offering benefits for farmers, cows and consumers.
  • Our dairy farmers in New South Wales have access to citrus pulp from our Leeton juice processing site.
  • In time we are looking to add more nutritious by-products from our manufacturing operations into the program.

Lion Dairy Pride Farmer Personal Support Program

Lion offers a comprehensive and confidential Personal Support Program (PSP) designed to assist its dairy farmers in meeting the challenges and demands of work and personal life.

PSP is a professional counselling service that offers confidential support to our dairy farmers and their families for a variety of work-related and personal problems from stress to mental health and relationship issues. It also provides access to qualified professionals including psychologists, social workers and management coaches.

Free confidential counselling is available over the phone or face-to-face and enquiries can be made any time by calling 1300 687 327.

Lion Dairy Pride Electricity and Gas Savings Scheme

The Lion Dairy Pride Program involves partnering with our suppliers to drive on-farm profitability and sustainability. One of our key initiatives is to negotiate a competitive price for our dairy farmers in relation to on-farm energy costs.

Lion has partnered with Origin Energy since 2015 to secure a competitive electricity pricing offer for our suppliers throughout SE QLD, NSW, VIC and SA, under our Lion Energy Saving Scheme. This partnership now also includes gas supply.

Interested Lion dairy suppliers are able to make a simple application at no obligation to understand the price savings offered. Lion’s regional Farm Services officers are able to provide more information on the Scheme.