Eligible Victorian dairy farmers are now able to apply for an on-farm energy grant through Agriculture Victoria. Applications are open until March 2020, or until available funding is exhausted, so apply early to avoid missing out.

Primary producers are able to apply for a Tier 1 grant to support in replacing inefficient energy equipment, installing more energy efficient systems and enabling own-generation capacity. The grants scheme aims to increase energy efficiency, with a desired effect for farmers of reduced energy costs and increased productivity.

Government funding of up to $50,000 (ex. GST) is available for grant proposals under this program, all funding must be matched by a minimum cash co-contribution of $1 for every $1 funded. To secure funding, there must be evidence of a cash payment for a cost that is incurred for activities directly related to the product supported by the grant.

To receive a grant you will require an on-farm energy assessment, or to have had an equivalent certified on-farm energy assessment conducted in the past two years. Additional eligibility criteria is outlined here.

Grants form part of the Agriculture Investment Plan (AEIP), designed to help on-farm businesses improve energy productivity, manage energy costs, improve energy reliability and support own-generation capacity. The AEIP is focused on offering assessments, grants, demonstrations, skills and education and research to the benefit of Victorian farmers.

Applications for a Tier 1 grant must be made online via the Agriculture Victoria website.

Lion encourages any Victorian farmers that feel that such a grant may be beneficial to their business, to read carefully through all criteria and avoid delaying your application, as once funds are exhausted applications will close.


Applications have now closed for the 2018 Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants Program and successful applicants will be notified next month.

If your farm has been selected, you will know that reporting is a core requirement of the grant and your progress report is due 21 December 2018.

This report must include evidence of the improvements described within your original application, such as energy bills and before/after photos. Landcare Australia will liaise with you on your reporting requirements and if you have any questions at all, please do contact them on grants@landcareaustralia.com.au  

If you have received funding for an energy efficiency project, you are required to provide evidence of a reduction in energy usage (in kilowatt hours (kWh) and tonnes of carbon), for at least 12 months before, and 12 months after grant funds are provided – so it is important that you are maintaining detailed monitoring.

“We are delighted to have received a strong volume of applications for this year’s Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants Program”, said Lion Dairy & Drinks Managing Director Kathy Karabatsas.

“If you have not been successful with your application this time around, we encourage you to not be discouraged from your efforts to make your business more sustainable.

Sustainability is a key priority for Lion, and the Lion Dairy Pride program is rich with advice and resources that can help inform more sustainable practices for your business.

We also hope to continue our successful partnership with Landcare for years to come, and encourage you to reach out to your Farm Services Representative if you’d like to discuss your businesses’ sustainability practices.”


You may have heard that $1 from each carton of Lion Beer Australia’s Iron Jack sold in New South Wales and Queensland will be donated to Rural Aid.

As well, 50 cents from each schooner of Iron Jack sold at selected regional venues will be donated to local relief efforts led by the charity.

Lion Beer and Iron Jack kicked off the campaign by donating $100,000 to Rural Aid’s ‘Buy a Bale’ initiative and predict the ‘Beers for the Bush’ campaign will raise at least $1 million.

The Buy a Bale campaign was established in 2013 as a response to drought affecting Queensland’s farming communities. Since then the campaign has received over $4.5 million in donations, and become part of the broader Rural Aid program which aims to provide a holistic support program to rural Australia.

We encourage any farmers affected by the drought who may be eligible to receive benefit from the Buy a Bale initiative to visit https://www.ruralaid.org.au/farmers/ to register for the program by answering a short questionnaire about your location, situation and challenges being faced by your business. From there, Rural Aid will contact you to discuss the program and your eligibility.

You can also access information on other drought support here. 

If you would like more information about this initiative, or other measures in place, please contact Daniel Dickenson on email: Daniel.dickenson@lionco.com or mobile: 0407 282 944



Heidi Farm Raclette and King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue were recognised as the champion cheeses that they are at the recent NSW Dairy Industry of Australia Awards and the Perth Royal Food Awards respectively.

Heidi Farm Raclette took out the Grand Champion Dairy product of the show in NSW and King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue was awarded Champion Bovine Cheese at the Perth Royal Food Awards.

“We love our cheeses and are extremely proud to see them recognized at these awards! It’s also very exciting to have qualifying results that will put us in good stead for the Australian Grand Dairy Awards at the end of the year,” said Cameron Bruce, the General Manager, Cheese, for Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion).

Heidi Farm Raclette is Australia’s most awarded cheese and presents an intense perfume and a mild nutty, milky flavour. The rind of the cheese is washed and scrubbed during production, promoting flavour development and ripening.

The supple, satiny interior of this multiple Australian Grand Champion Cheese is best appreciated when the cheese is melted or cooked. Traditionally Raclette is melted on a raclette burner, scraped and eaten with boiled waxy potatoes and pickles.

Also recognised at the NSW Dairy Industry of Australia Awards were Heidi Farm Tilsit, awarded gold in eye cheese and South Cape Greek Fetta, who was awarded a silver medal in the fetta category.

King Island Dairy Roaring Forties is a full flavored blue with a rich mouthfeel and sweet, slightly fruity character. It is named after the infamous Roaring Forties gales that frequently whip around the Island at more than 100km per hour.

Also recognised at the Perth Royal Food Shows were King Island Dairy Furneaux, awarded gold in the white mould category and South Cape Cracked Pepper, awarded gold in the Club Cheddar Category.

You can read the full list of winners below.


King Island Dairy has been producing award winning and world class specialty cheese and dairy products since the early 1900s. The King Island Dairy manufacturing site produces our full range of specialty cheese products, creating more than 1,500 tonnes of delicious cheese each year.

Our people are passionate about King Island and the specialty cheese we produce, none more so than Head Cheesemaker Ueli Berger who has worked with King Island Dairy since 1998. The grandson of a cheesemaker and son of a dairy farmer, Swiss born Ueli’s career in the industry has spanned more than 25 years, during which time he has earned acclaim domestically and internationally, receiving awards from the New York Fancy Food Show, The World Championship Cheese Contest and the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, amongst others.


Our Heritage site in Tasmania manufactures almost 100 cheese products and is the largest specialty cheese manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. The Heritage site was established in 1955 as Lactos, producing 50 tonnes per year of Edam, Gouda and Swiss cheeses. Since then, Lion has invested over $150 million to transform the site into one of the world’s most technically advanced specialty cheese facilities, with a capacity of 25,000 tonnes of product per year.


Yoplait Petit Miam has announced an exciting new partnership with McDonald’s, providing dairy choices that parents can pick up for their children at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

The Yoplait Petit Miam strawberry squeezable yoghurt pouch is now available as a side option within the McDonald’s Happy Meal offer, and can also be purchased individually.

The Petit Miam range of children’s yoghurts contains 30% less sugar than the average flavoured yoghurt*, and is a great way to help kids get the nutrients they need for growth and development.

Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion) is committed to delivering more natural goodness to every person, every day through the Goodness Promise.

This aim is well aligned with McDonald’s who – as one of the most frequented restaurants in the world – aims to use their reach to help families increase their access to fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and water.

“We are delighted to team up with McDonald’s as we believe making healthy options more accessible is a great way to support parents in making healthier choices for their families,” Kathy Karabatsas, Managing Director of Lion Dairy & Drinks, said.

“And with the broad distribution networks that Lion and McDonalds’ both have there are great opportunities to offer healthier options to many Australians.

“By making nutritious products available in convenient locations beyond supermarkets, Lion Dairy & Drinks hopes to help remove barriers to healthy eating, and this is something we will continue to evolve across our product portfolio.”

The Yoplait Petit Miam range is manufactured in Australia using exclusively dairy milk from Australian farms. The range contains the goodness of real fruit with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

*see yoplait.com.au for more detail


Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious with 77% of Australians saying that they care about food waste[1], and a third of consumers choosing to purchase from brands that they believe are doing social and environmental good[2].

Over the past six years, Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion) has partnered with Foodbank Australia to reduce food waste, and to provide meals for Australians in need, thanks to Lion’s dairy and juice manufacturing sites, dedicated team members, and farmers and growers across the country.

The partnership has resulted in two million donated meals for families and individuals, and to minimise food waste created through Lion’s supply chain.

Lion’s partnership with Foodbank Australia helps the charity to distribute surplus food and other essentials to more than 650,000 people. Since partnering with Foodbank, Lion has donated almost 9 million litres of milk to the Foodbank Milk Program and will continue to volunteer their time to assist the organisation.

In addition to their contribution to the Milk Program, each year, Lion continues to donate other dairy and juice product from their manufacturing sites to people in need.

Lion Dairy & Drinks’ Managing Director, Kathy Karabatsas is proud of the work Lion has done to date and is committed to bettering the lives of Australians in need.

“It’s important to us that we can reassure our famers with the knowledge that any food waste is being redistributed to those in need, by providing them access to safe, nutritious food,” she said.

“Similarly, we appreciate the importance that our consumers place on minimising food waste, and with the scale of Lion’s product portfolio and supply chain, we are proud to have delivered a significant volume of surplus product to Foodbank Australia over the past six years.

“Lion is passionate about ensuring better nutrition for everyone through Our Goodness Promise, and this initiative is an effective way of providing nutritional products to vulnerable Australians that may otherwise be unable to access them. We appreciate the time and support from everyone in our business, and will continue to play our part in improving food security across Australia.”

Food insecurity is a serious problem in Australia, only worsening each year – with more than 1 in 5 children having experienced hunger in the last year, and close to 65,000 people being turned away each week from food charities, due to demand exceeding their supply.

To read more about Lion’s partnership with Foodbank Australia, and other sustainability initiatives visit http://lionco.com/sustainability




End of financial year can be a great time to revisit your businesses’ finance processes, and get yourself set up for the year ahead.

There are several online tools that can support you in reviewing your businesses’ finances and planning for the year ahead, and you’ll find additional information and resources within the Business Management section of the Lion Dairy Pride Program online portal.

This is not intended to provide personal financial advice. Please consult an independent financial advisor or accountant for advice specific to your business.

Please find tips below – originally shared by Dairy Australia – to assist you in getting FY 18/19 off to a strong start.

  • Set up your accounts using the Dairy Standard Chart of Accounts – this service provides an agreed industry breakdown on income and cost categories which line up with DairyBase. Your accountant can advise on how best to use the Dairy Standard Chart of Accounts (DSCOA). The aim of the Standard Chart of Accounts (SCoA) is to drive consistency across the Australian dairy industry in how we discuss, describe, calculate and report farm business performance.
  • Understand your expected income – Lion can provide you with an income estimation for 2018/19 so you know the anticipated income from milk production.
  • Conduct a stock take of all livestock and feed inventory to ensure you have an accurate record of your physical and financial numbers for the past year. The Dairy Base tool can assist with tracking your farm year on year.
  • Prepare an annual budget so you can keep track of your business expenditure and income throughout the year. There are numerous online budgeting tools including Dairy Australia’s Cash Budgeting Tool that can assist with this.As you know, setting our supplier businesses’ up for long term success is a key priority for Lion and ensuring you are equipped with the financial knowledge and tools is an important component of this. If you have any concerns or questions don’t hesitate to contact your Farm Services representative.

Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion) is delighted to offer dairy farmers the opportunity to apply for a financial grant to support sustainability initiatives on their farm, with applications for the 2018 Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants Program open until August 15 2018.

The grants program is designed to help Lion’s dairy farmers develop more sustainable practices for their businesses, increasing on-farm efficiencies, lowering operating costs and helping to secure the long-term sustainability of recipient’s businesses.

Lion has partnered with Landcare Australia since 2016 to offer this program, and exceptional results have been achieved to date. Click here to read about the sustainability results already achieved by the 2017 grant recipients.

This year, a total funding pool of $80,000 (excl. GST) is available for eight grants of up to $10,000 (excl. GST) per project. Applications are now open and can be made via the Landcare Australia Communities Portal until August 15 2018.

For an overview of the steps required, click here.

To be eligible to receive a grant, you must address at least one of the two priority funding areas:

Improving on-farm biodiversity and land management, by supporting improvements to biodiversity, native habitat or vegetation communities, nutrient management, and / or reducing erosion impacts;


Improving energy efficiency of applicant’s farm, through reducing energy consumption and /or implementing renewable energy infrastructure.

This program is offered exclusively to Lion farmers as part of Lion’s Dairy Pride program – a free sustainability program that is available to all Lion’s dairy farmers and offers a way to measure, evaluate and improve key areas of sustainability on their farms.

Lion Dairy & Drinks Managing Director Kathy Karabatsas said LDD was delighted to partner with Landcare Australia again, in what has been an impactful partnership to date.

“Supporting our farmers in improving sustainability, productivity and profitability of their businesses is extremely important to Lion dairy & Drinks, and we encourage all of our dairy farmers to review the application criteria and consider applying for the grants program, we look forward to helping recipients achieve their sustainability goals in 2018,” Ms Karabatsas said.

For additional information on the eligibility criteria, and how to apply, visit https://landcareaustralia.org.au, or contact Landcare Australia via phone: (03) 8631 7800 or email: grants@landcareaustralia.com.au.

If you would like to discuss if this is right for your business, please reach out to your Farm Services Team representative.


Dare Iced Coffee is excited to announce that it has partnered with Gfinity Esports Australia for the 2018 Gfinity Elite Series Australia, as Series Major Partner. The new esports tournament will launch in June 2018.

Gfinity Esports Australia’s entry into the Australian esports scene as a new level of quality entertainment and professional gameplay aligns with Dare Iced Coffee’s proposition to be the drink that enables players and fans to “Drink it Through”. Dare is the real coffee kick that helps players and fans be on top of their game.

Dare Iced Coffee will be supplying Australia’s favourite iced coffee to players across the Rocket League, CS:GO and Streetfighter V matches within both seasons of the Gfinity Elite Series Australia in 2018.

The Dare Iced Coffee “Drink it Through” campaign will be integrated across the Gfinity Elite series 42 live broadcast events.

Darryn Wallace, Director of Marketing & Innovation at Lion Dairy & Drinks, who owns and manufactures the Dare Iced Coffee brand said it was the perfect partnership for Dare Iced Coffee.

“We are really excited about this opportunity and see it as a way to reach a highly relevant and engaged audience in a way that is entirely aligned to the brand proposition,” he said.

Dominic Remond, CEO of Gfinity Esports Australia, said of the announcement: “We are extremely pleased to have Dare Iced Coffee join the inaugural Gfinity Elite Series Australia, as a Series Major Partner across all three of our game titles in 2018.

“Dare Iced Coffee is a perfect fit for the gaming community because players can’t afford to have their heads all over the place when it comes to planning their game strategy,: Dominic said. “We are excited by the content integration and promotion opportunities that we can deliver to the vast online audience.

This is an exciting step, following on from our news earlier in the year announcing Dell as Presenting Partner for the Series.
“Given the Gfinity Elite Series Australia will broaden the audience of esports fans in Australia, as well as creating new heights for esports entertainment, I’m delighted that Dare Iced Coffee has identified this partnership as the best way to promote their market-leading brand with the highly sought-after esports audience.”

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia presented by Alienware kicked off at the weekend, with the competition running for seven weeks. Watch all games across the weekend, live online via twitch.tv/gfinityau. Rocket League matches will also broadcast live on Network Ten’s ONE each Sunday at 10am AEST.

About Dare Iced Coffee
Nationally, Dare Iced Coffee is the #1 Iced Coffee brand1, selling 127 units every minute2. Dare Iced Coffee Double Espresso was also named the Champion Flavoured Dairy Drink at the prestigious 2018 Australian Grand Dairy Awards! Dare Iced Coffee has a number of flavours including Espresso, Double Espresso, Mocha and Raw. Dare Iced Coffee has also recently entered into the Cold Brew segment with the launch of Dare Cold Pressed. This fancier fix made with 100% Arabica beans and all natural ingredients is available in both Latte and Strong Latte variants.
Did you know? Dare holds 36% share of the convenience milk beverage market and a 23% share of the grocery milk beverage market in Australia. 1

1 IRi scan data, Total Dare Value, Grocery & Convenience Australia, MAT to 08/04/18
2IRi scan data, Total Dare Units, Grocery & Convenience Australia, MAT to 08/04/18

About Gfinity Esports Australia:
Gfinity Esports Australia, was established by HT&E Events and Gfinity Plc, in August 2017, to launch Australia’s first city-based franchise league, the Elite Series presented by Alienware.
Gfinity Esports Australia will deliver Australian gamers and fans, a clear and structured competitive framework within Australian esports. The Elite Series presented by Alienware will see city-based franchise teams compete weekly in front of a live audience at a dedicated esports arena within the Hoyts Cinema Complex at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter. Competing across iconic game titles: Counter Strike Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and Rocket League, for a share in the some of the largest prize pools in Australian Esports history. Each event will be broadcast live across multiple platforms.
As well as the Elite Series, an online competition, the Challenger Series presented by Dell Gaming, will launch in January 2018. Open to all gamers, the Challenger Series presented by Dell Gaming will be the battleground for amateur players to compete against each other, to win the chance, via a player draft, to play alongside the pros in the Elite Series presented by Alienware. The Challenger Series presented by Dell Gaming represents the grassroots pathway seen in traditional sports, but not yet seen in Australian esports.


As you likely know, each year Lion Dairy & Drinks (Lion) partners with Landcare to provide eligible farmers with the opportunity to secure financial grants to assist in the implementation of sustainability projects.

The 2017 Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants program has seen impressive results across the board, with recipients observing sustainability improvements and cost savings through the increased use of solar power, installation of energy saving equipment, recycling of waste water and revegetation projects.

Last year Lion, in partnership with Landcare Australia, awarded close to $100,000 across ten Australian dairy farms across the nation to assist in developing their sustainable business practices.

The program further demonstrates Lion’s commitment to make a tangible difference to the sustainability of farm businesses in Australia – helping to implement sustainable initiatives that increase profitability for the long term.

The Lion suppliers who were awarded the grants have already noticed impressive sustainability results, with key highlights of the 2017 program including:

• 8% average energy savings since the implementation of the projects

• 544 energy-efficient devices installed

• 3 ha revegetated

• 500 plants planted

• 90% plant survival

• 4 ha weeding

• 5 ha fencing

• 5 km fencing

• 5 ha habitat protected

Lion Dairy & Drinks’ Agriculture Procurement Director Murray Jeffrey is excited to see the on-farm results the 2017 program has delivered.

“We are really proud to be partnering with Landcare to offer our farmers the tools and resources to address some of the ongoing environmental challenges in the dairy industry. The Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants Program attracted some fantastic entries last year and a number of successful projects were funded.”

With applications for the 2018 grants program opening soon we encourage all of our farmer suppliers to consider applying for a grant, we look forward to helping another group of farmers improve the sustainability of their businesses.”

To apply or find out more information, please visit http://dairysuppliers.lionco.com.